Palazzo Versace – Dubai

Maybe I’m just bitter because I found out this week that the superfabulous sportswear line I work for is closing its doors… or maybe because I would never in a million years be able to afford the smallest room at this hospitality juggernaut… but word of this monstrosity sets my blood boiling.

A refrigerated beach? Are you kidding? In the midst of a global recession of uncalculated proportions and a ecological/climatological crisis that threatens not only our species but all of them, the response of the Gianni Versace SpA group is to develop a white elephant of a resort? I hope all those top execs at Goldman Sachs and AIG enjoy their vacations here, and get arrested for fornicating on the beach. Or maybe for just trying to get a good night’s sleep. Maybe while they’re flipping us the proverbial bird, they can do us a favor and flip us a real one while they’re at it!

I thought that Gwyneth Paltrow was out-of-step when she unveiled GOOP (h/t Broadsheet)… because a Burberry dress was totally the thing to have this season. But this hotel puts Paltrow’s tone-deafness to shame.

I have to say, I appreciate Funnymos’ observation that the CO2 output of each resident of Dubai is 44 tons/year. The average American’s footprint is (only!) 20 tons/year. (Feel free to fact check both of those; that was some rather hasty research on my part).

But, really, Johann Hari says it best. So, if you think I’m going to spend any of my piddly severance check on a trip to these artificially cooled beaches, I have some bridges to sell you.

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