Panda Dogs: Cutesy or Cruelty?

panda dogs
Written by Gary

Damn, it China, you always give me something good to write about. In animal abuse news, the latest must-have pet accessory are panda dogs.

panda dogs

Hsin Ch’en, a pet store owner in Chengdu city actually said the following: ‘Ten years ago the natural instinct of a Chinese person was to eat a dog. Now we are like westerners and want one as a companion.’ The jokes just write themselves.

Ch’en said it only takes about two hours of “grooming” to turn a normal chow puppy into panda dogs. The puppies keep the look for about six weeks, but then need to be brought back in for touch ups. He states that the animals aren’t subjected to any chemical treatments, and aren’t harmed in any other way.

When it comes to hair dyes and the like I don’t know if it really counts as animal cruelty, especially if the dogs end up super cute like these Panda dogs, which are apparently flying off the shelves. Maybe we should try dying the children in our orphanages bright colors next.

panda dogs

panda dogs

panda dogs

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