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Paris Best: Beauty Secrets

If you’re like most women around the world, you’re probably wondering about those French beauty secrets.

…and why wouldn’t you? Parisian women especially live up quite the reputation: having perfect skin, shiny hair, and slim silhouettes.

Their perfection is pretty overwhelming…which is why I’ve put together this list of five, simple beauty tips from the Parisians we can all easily follow:

1. Take cold showers.

I’ve actually written an entire post about the benefits of a taking a cold shower — but what I didn’t mention is that it’s one of the biggest beauty tricks used by French women! Cold showers not only leave you with healthier, shinier hair, but smoother skin and a firmer body from improved blood circulation. Shower in cold water for just a few minutes a day to see results in not time!

2. Hydrate your face with mineral water.

Parisian women are vehement users of mineral-water sprays due to the city’s tap water’s high concentration of calcium and chloride — both of which dry out the skin. They keep a small bottle of these mineral-based waters in their bag, so that they can hydrate their skin throughout the day, as well as prevent blemishes. A favored misting spray among the Parisians is Caudalie’s Organic Grape Water.

3. Run less, walk more.

Unlike American women, Parisians don’t push themselves to go to the gym. Instead, they walk and take the stairs whenever possible. This “invisible exercising” not only keeps Parisian women burning calories all day long without having to break a sweat, but long and lean. So, save your sweat and tears and go on a brisk walk, instead!

4. Stop washing your hair every day.

Americans are particularly fixated on washing their every day. This bad habit strips the hair and scalp of its natural-producing oils thereby dulling hair. Parisian women, who wash their hair every other day at most, have the silkiest, shiniest hair you’ll ever see.

5…But do apply sunscreen daily.

Despite there not being much sun in the “City of Light,” Parisian women still very well know to protect their skin from harmful UV rays all year round in order to prevent aging. Along with drinking a few liters of water a day, this is a Parisian woman’s biggest anti-aging secret.


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Rosetta is a Manhattan-born student currently living in Paris. She loves fashion, traveling, and all things kale. She's adopted the Parisian street style, yet stayed in-touch with her New York roots; she can be spotted wearing all black with a green color pop from holding her cold-pressed juice. Her religion is coconut oil and she's married to almond butter.

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