Pedal Your Phone To A Full Battery

Written by Shannon

Now you can get exercise while you’re waiting for your electronic devices to charge.

Save the environment and power your phone, all with the pedal of a bike. Well, this is just one more reason to rethink your usual car, bus or train mode of transpiration, all thanks to The BioLogic ReeCharge from Dahon.

This personal power system can charge any USB-chargable device, including iPhones, iPods, cell phones, cameras or GPS units. In fact, it can fully charge you iPhone in about 3 hours.

The BioLogic ReeCharge incorporates a lithium polymer battery that can be charged by wall outlet, via USB from a computer, and most importantly, any bicycle with a hub dynamo. The patented technology buffers incoming and outgoing current, so it’s safe for all electrical devices even in a rainstorm.

When your done charging the ReeCharge, just detach it from you bike, and toss it into your bag, and you will always have reserve power on tap for all you electronic devices. The ReeCharge include USB cable with five interchangeable tips for the most common devices.

Find a local dealer to pick yours up – running about $99.


Via ohgizmo.

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