Philadelphia Dad Brilliantly Uses Cheesesteaks to Measure Baby’s Growth

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Yes, a cheesesteak is a legitimate baby measurement tool.

People in Philadelphia look at their cheesesteak much like those in New York or Chicago look at their pizza: very, very seriously (and if you’re reading this, there’s a job where you can actually get paid to eat pizza). And, so, when a Philadelphia dad decided to repurpose the legendary cheesesteaks as a baby growth chart, it was sure
to get a reaction.

Credit: Cheesesteak for Scale

Brad Williams, a computer programmer, decided to put his tech knowledge to decidedly non-tech use via a creation he has named the “Cheesesteak for Scale,” which he used to measure the growth of his son during his first year and documented on his blog of the same name.

“My wife and I ordered takeout when my son was two weeks old and I quickly noticed he was about the same size as my meal,”  Williams told The Daily Meal.  What started as a joke became a tradition, and each month, Williams would buy a cheesesteak and compare it to the growth of his son, sharing the evidence via photos he would post online.

Credit: Cheesesteak for Scale

It lasted only until Williams’ son Lucas was a year old, though, because Lucas was quickly growing a dislike for cheesesteaks, Williams says in his blog. “I tried to take a picture of him with a cheesesteak for his 2nd birthday …he wasn’t having it,” sharing video evidence of just how not-pleased the child was.

Credit: Cheesesteak for Scale

“Hopefully I haven’t scarred the kid for life,” Williams wrote next on his blog. “We’ll see how it goes when he turns three.”

Ultimately, Williams pointed out to,  babies and cheesesteaks actually have a lot in common.

“Wrapped up they are warm and cuddly, but once you unwrap them, expect a huge mess,” Williams said.

“Either way, both are worth it!”

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