Pillsbury Animal Butt Cookies: not a joke

Written by Bryce

Pillsbury animal butt cookies are the new snack trend the dough boy wants you to get behind.

Before reading on, you should know that this is 100% a real ad from the folks over at Pillsbury, and noshing on animal butts is apparently the cutest thing since cupcakes. On a personal level, I don’t think I really care– I mean, if licking the frosting off bunny butts is what you think your kids will be into, so be it, who am I to judge? This does, however, sum up all the poetic things I’ve always wanted to say about the American education system.

animal butt cookies

Somewhere in America, 30ish years ago, some kid with a brilliant mind was put in a mediocre school. I mean, she/he was potentially an astrophysicist, but then they got sucked into Saturday morning cartoons and a teacher with poor grammar and asymmetrical pleated pants and it all went to hell. So she/he became an overworked ad agency person, just trying to come up with the next best cookie commercial.

And so Pillsbury animal butt cookies were born, and the whole thing trickled down to the next generation of lovely, potentially-genius level kids sitting around, noshing on butts.

Thank you to @SillyRobs on Instagram for finding this gem.

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