Pink Vaginas Getting Lots of Use at Republican National Convention

Written by Gary

They are known as the “Code Pink Vaginas” and they are all anyone is buzzing about at the Republican National Convention. There have been a lot of jokes lately about the RNC in Tampa, from the “dollar bill boom” at the local strip clubs (Tampa is the strip-club capital of the country) to the gay prostitutes spending the week hunkered down in JCPenney bathroom stalls, waiting for the perfect politician. In this instance, the vaginas take the cake.

The pink vagina costumes are used as a protest against the recent backlash against the RNC stemming from their stance on rape and abortion. As they are an anatomical body part, the protestors see no issue with putting them on display. Besides the fact that as a gay man I have a natural aversion towards female body parts, I see no issue with it either.

Tighe Barry, the designer behind the costumes states that: “The vaginas are receiving some wear and tear, we are using them so much, but all told I think they are holding up quite well.”

If you take a second to think about all the trials and tribulations that vaginas go through on a daily basis, I would expect nothing less.

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