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Poll: Would You Wear Bridal Lingerie Normally?

Written by Bryce

Hawt or nawt?

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve never been married, but when my friends at BrideFinds sent me a link to the new Elle Macpherson lingerie collection specifically for brides, I couldn’t help but imagine myself waltzing around in a silky white frock on any given Wednesday evening. I mean, why not? Truthfully, I think most men are pretty into the idea of a woman in a semi-virginal white lace teddy (even if the woman behind the teddy is far from virginal). Would you buy wedding lingerie just because?

“…Elle Macpherson is releasing a new bridal lingerie collection at Bloomingdale’s on May 15th. Trust us – if there is anything your husband wants, its for you to wear supermodel-approved lingerie on your wedding night.” -BrideFinds

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