Potty Break?

Written by Maura

Anyone that has seen Supersize Me or really just eaten out within the last 10 years knows that serving sizes are getting bigger and bigger, and this is causing a very serious problem in today’s society that I would like to address. No, not obesity(well I mean, that too) but the problem I’m referring to is…..the potty break issue, uh huh..potty breaks.

The last time you went to the movies, odds are you stopped to pick up some popcorn and a soda and even if you got a small they were both bigger than your head. So you and monster drink and popcorn take a seat for the flick. Half way through, it hits you..that 2 liter beast of a Coke comes a callin’. So do you go right now or do you wait a little..you dont want to miss the big kicker of the movie, because luck would have it the minute you reached the bathroom the movie’s big ta-da scene comes on. Not to fret! You can be the most educated potty breaker ever thanks to RunPee. RunPee.com is a website that will tell you the best point in the movie to skip out for a bathroom trip. You search which movie, it gives you a timeline pointing out the best times, then on your walk back you can unscramble the description of the part that you missed on the site so you are fully caught up on the flick.

When I stumbled upon this site I had mixed feelings..it’s a funny idea, and a very annoying problem that it attempts to resolve, but then again I don’t know how realistic it is to be able to plan peeing. And what about the parts you are missing while looking up RunPee.com, and what if you don’t have the internet on your phone..are you supposed to look up pee times before going to the movies? All in all I got a kick out of it and if nothing else, its a funny convo to have with your friends next time you have a movie night.

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a born and raised Brooklyn girl who has adopted a bit of the Southern girl charm from spending the last 3 years as a college student in Mobile, Alabama. While away from home she misses the fast paced lifestyle and could kill for a real slice of pizza. She is obsessed with shoes, sushi, her Paul Mitchell straightening iron, and lusting after her David Yurman favorite ring of the week.

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