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Written by Ashley

As our own Britten explains… there’s nothing worse than a Hamptons Honey lookin’ gross at a poolside soiree.  Gross in the toes, that is.  We all know how to dress appropriately for a pleasant and sophisticated night out ( well… most of us) but footwear is sometime a little bit of a mystery. So, per her advice, I scouted out the best that online shopping has to offer for some Do’s of my own…on a budget!

First, you need the proper luggage for your shoesies.  Silky bags from your Manolos are fun, but they’re nowhere near the sturdy and well bags made by Ame & Lulu, or our good friends at Hellolulu.

Splurging on Ame & Lulu is fine, but saving on their last season stuff? Why not? It’s equally as chic, and will give you some leftover $ for a Bellini. I started out with the Seersucker ( also one of Britten’s DO’s) shoe bag, and will expand from there.

Seersucker Shoe Bag Large

Seersucker Shoe Bag $30.00

Hellolulu Shoe Case in Hot Pink - $24

Hellolulu Shoe Case in Hot Pink - $24

The Hellolulu case is practical as hell, with room for your tennies with one flip of a zipper, and a smaller area for your flipflops.  These can help the working gal out all year round, giving you the separation to keep your heels for work seperate from your flats/sandals for your commute.

Now that you’re set with the luggage, what are you going to put in it?  Britten suggests flip-flops for the beach, but something with a little more pizazz for later that night.  Havaianas are on sale at, and are THE flip flop to be seen in. Only $7 for the Beige Gold color, seen below

Havaianas Slim - $7 ( not the reg $24)

Havaianas Slim - $7 ( not the reg $24)

While heels are uber sex, they’ll make you look like an asshole in the country.  You’ll be sqishing into the grass, slipping in the sand- you’ll look like a mess. That, my friends, is why God invented Wedges. Espadrilles are super appropriate for your weekends out East, so get them in now before they’re doomed to your closest until the Polo matches come calling again. And in seersucker? Double fun!  Found these Kors by Michael Kors lovelies on

Kors by Michael Kors Original Price $240  Now $96

Kors by Michael Kors Original Price $240 Now $96

Thanks, Britten, for your expertise. See you at the beach, babies.

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