Radioactive Suppositories Won’t Leave Your Ass in Glowing Health

Written by Bryce

Shove these little nuggets up there for a taste of health… or Hiroshima?

I mean, it might just be me, but the idea of a suppository in general is downright frightening. Once you wrap your head around the idea that you have to shove something up your ass, you have to digest the fact that you’ll have to let it stay there, melting into the abyss of your anus.

Produced by the Home Products Company of Denver, Colorado these radioactive suppositories made men believe that they could be transformed from ‘weak discouraged men’ into strong, heroic males that would ‘bubble over with joyous vitality’. Amazingly this wasn’t all though; soluble radium was added into a cocoa butter base that was in the form of a suppository. This was then supposed to be fitted into the rectumnin order to stimulate “the weakened organs that needed its vitalizing aid.’


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