Rain Drum Gives You a Beat When It’s Gloomy

Written by Bryce

This will definitely put some Spring in your step!


Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features drums instead of traditional fabric or plastic. The panels are capable of various kinds of sounds, making this umbrella way more entertaining than a lousy designer umbrella during rainy days.

“When playing a drum, the hi-hat, crash and tom-tom needs a high frequency of drumstick play to make the range bigger, whereas, the bass and snare requires a lower frequency for a smaller range of sound. To meet these requirements, the shade of the umbrella contains five wax cloth made shades with different elasticity that makes different sounds with the fall of every raindrop.”

Now if only someone could invent rubber boots that help make us better singers… (Seriously, inventors, get on it! I’m just trying to live out my Singin’ In The Rain fantasies.)


Designer : Dong Min Park


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