Rant of the Week: Do Facebook Relationship Statuses Ruin Actual Relationships?

Written by Gary

Do you remember how simple relationships were before the advent of Facebook? Neither do I. But I do know that relationships have become more complicate than ever since Facebook became such a driving force in our lives. Social networking at its core exposes us to thousands and thousands of potential love matches that we never would have met before the internet grabbed us by the balls. Do you remember when you had to call someone up on the phone to ask them for a date? With all the options out there, its no wonder we find it difficult to stay in relationships.

“Making it Facebook official” is a thing now. We literally define the validity of our fucking relationships based on whether or not we have checked a box on Facebook. I will be the first to admit there is a small feeling of victory when you finally click that little box and link your profile to someone else’s. It is immediately followed by feelings of insecurity about who is looking at that “In a relationship with…” status and planning it’s demise. How many times have you bitched a friend out for changing their status to “Its complicated”? How many times have you gotten in a fight over somethingΒ  a random person wrote on your lover’s wall? How many times have you changed your relationship status just to prove a point? Its fucking stupid and should be done away with entirely.

Actual relationships are built on trust. If you have a real relationship (meaning one that doesn’t exist purely to stroke your ego) you should be content in knowing that your guy or girl is faithful, and that every person that hits on them is hit with a polite decline. If you have a relationship with someone you trust, checking a stupid little box is of no consequence. When I am dating someone, I don’t ever look at their profile. I choose to trust them explicitly, because to me, romantic relationships should exist only in the real world, not in cyberspace.

Just in case you are wondering, my relationship status says that I am widowed. It used to say I was married to Jesus, but that was before he died for our sins or whatever. My status, like my relationships are one big joke, and I want to keep it that way.

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