Rant of the Week: Running Wild

running wild dating life
Written by Gary

running wild dating life

Your twenties are supposed to a wild party time where anything goes, there are no rules, and you really learn who you are. Then, when you enter your thirties you are automatically supposed to become more responsible and settle down. At that point in your life, if you haven’t found the right person you are supposed to pick the next best thing, and hope for the best. You are expected to start a family and do your “duty” as a human being (even though I believe you should be able to choose your own duty). It’s like there’s a switch that gets flipped, and once you hit the age of 31 you naturally morph into something resembling an adult. I don’t doubt this is true, because the older I get the more I realize just how much bullshit I am willing to put up with. I do have friends that have stayed wild and free, though. I don’t think its a coincidence that they are the people who also look extremely good for their age.

They say age is only a number, and I stand by that 100%. The problem is that people associate too much with that number. There are certain expectations set on you by society. If you are straight, and finished with college, you constantly get a look from people (especially annoying relatives with inconspicuous moles) that says “Its time to stop horsing around so much.” Our society imposes milestones on us, and if we never question them, we grow old much quicker than necessary and end up with a lot of regrets. We end up choosing safely, and risking missing out on so much that life has to offer because we are in such a rush to follow some made-up rules.

The most interesting people I know challenge the “rules of aging” and say young as long as they feel young. These are the people who, at 40, look 28. They are the senior citizens who are running marathons, and out-dancing people decades younger than them. I have dated a great many guys that wanted to wife me up, and keep me for good. Every time I realized I was not willing to settle, and wasn’t ready to forfeit my adventures for a relationship that I am supposed to want.

Its very easy to just listen to what society says about when you are supposed to settle down, but its much more fun to listen to yourself, follow your own drummer, and drink,fuck, and explore until your tired old bones give out from exhaustion. That, to me, would be a life well-lived.

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