A Rapping Halloween House

This rapping Halloween house is the definition of Halloween spirit.

I know straight people are all about Christmas and Thanksgiving or whatever, but for the gays, Halloween is by far the best holiday. Not only to do we get to walk around in public wearing next to nothing, but everyone else is doing it too. For once, our walks of shame are greeted with smiles instead of judgmental glares, and the more destroyed your costume is, the better time you had.

So I love the Halloween spirit and everything that entails, especially the nudity part.

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Brandon Bullis apparently shares the sentiment, because he used over 8,000 lights and 2,000 channels of computer animation to turn his house into a spectacular Halloween light show that goes along with Macklemore’s song ‘Downtown’.

In even more awesome news, Bullis put a donation box outside the house to raise money for John Hopkins Children’s Center. So basically Bullis is winning Halloween and raising money for children. It sort of makes me feel bad that I celebrate by wearing butt floss and getting shit-faced.

Just kidding, nothing makes me feel bad on Halloween.

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