Is the Colossus of Rhodes Making a Comeback?

modern day colossus of rhodes
Written by Gary

Plans are in motion to rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes, in Greece.

modern day colossus of rhodes

I don’t know if you have ever heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but I am from Florida (the educational butthole of the universe), and I know about it, so you definitely should, too. The Colossus of Rhodes was an ancient statue of the Greek titan-god Helios to celebrate a war victory. The Statue stood at almost 100 feet high, and straddled the entry into the port, like a beautiful bronze homo guiding ships into the bay.

The statue was destroyed after an earthquake in 226 BC, and then sold off in 654 AD, when the island was ransacked.

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Young professionals and architects in Greece, Spain, Italy, and the UK have started planning to reconstruct the statue. Rhodes is well known as a site where keeping thousands of important archaeological findings is of high cultural importance, so the idea is to turn the statue into a museum to house other relics and artifacts. The building will also contain a cultural center and a library, and it will be covered in solar panels to make it energy efficient.

I kind of love the idea of recreating something so iconic, but giving it a modern twist. The Statue of Liberty better hold onto her weave, because the Colossus of Rhodes is making a comeback.

modern day colossus of rhodes

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