Apparently the UK is Infested by Giant Ratzillas?

ratzilla infestation UK
Written by Gary

Normally, I would always be in favor of a quick trip to the UK, however I might think twice now that the country is infested with giant rats. Massive rodents the size of cats have been reported all over England, some of which are almost 2 feet in length.

ratzilla infestation UK

Dubbed β€œratzillas” by super creative people, the rats have even been discovered in people’s apartments. The European Union prohibits the use of harsh poisons to kill them, and since Mother Nature has been a real asshole this season there is nothing to stop the rats from growing, and basically taking over Europe.

Things like this make me glad to live in the United States, where you can pretty much poison anything, although if these rats grow much bigger they will probably become intelligent enough to circumvent our extermination methods.

Shit is getting real bubonic over in England, thus you may want to think twice before subjecting your kids to rats that could devour them whole.

ratzilla infestation UK

ratzilla infestation UK

ratzilla infestation UK

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