Relationship Spotting: Must-Have Roommate Traits

Written by emilyc

Somehow I have totally lucked out in the realm of roommates. From college to my first Manhattan apartment, my roommate experiences have been completely pleasant, funny, and fun. I’ve compiled a list of must-haves when it comes to a compatible roommate situation:

Must have a similar definition of “clean”. For example, my current roommate and I sometimes let our kitchen turn into something that resembles a hybrid of a severely unkempt clothing store and the beauty counter at Bloomingdales. I’m thankful to have a roommate who is tolerant of a spiked Jeffrey Campbell on the kitchen table. After enduring a few days (or weeks) of this, we’ll take a day and go on a cleaning binge where we pretend to be domestic and maybe light some candles and spray some room spray.

Must have similar taste in/be open minded about music. I have welcomed my roommates’ Dominican music, Beyonce on repeat, and down-tempo lounge music with open arms, and they’ve all been equally amenable to my rap mixtapes. A good soundtrack is essential to any apartment.

Must be chic. I mean, this goes without saying, but roommates should be chic enough to have clothes that you’d like to borrow. This also encompasses the realm of interior design. Nothing says, “Nice to meet you, new roommate. I have good taste,” like an antique table and chairs set welcoming you to your new abode.

Must be funny. A good laugh was, and is, a daily guarantee with all roommates I’ve had. Somehow, I have managed to randomly end up living with some of the funniest people, which I now realize is a nonnegotiable roommate trait.


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