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Restylane Silk for Lips: The Subtle Gorgeous You’re Looking For

Restylane Silk is the newest version of Restylane, and it’s a game changer.

So, let’s talk lips for a minute. If we’re born lucky, we start out with plump, rosy lips that flatter our other facial features. If nature is particularly good to us, the lips we’re born with are in perfect proportion to the rest of our face– offering a subtle clue to just how beautiful onlookers will perceive us to be. Unfortunately no matter what we do, our lips simply lose volume and definition with time. They also wrinkle (you know, that puckered, sucking-through-a-straw look so many older women tend to have).

Until recently the only options to combat this lip-aging process were makeup, temporary plumping glosses (which did nothing for definition and only lasted about an hour at best), or somewhat ‘chunky’ fillers that were often difficult for doctors to work with for an area requiring as much detail as the mouth. After all, the mouth is a small area, the defining lines are particularly small when compared to other facial areas, and they’re certainly used with greater frequency.

Alanna’s lips before Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk launched recently with a formula so fine that it feels like a lightweight serum or super silky hair lotion, and there are simply no ‘chunks’ detectable by simply touching the formula. This is a pretty important breakthrough for women who want to disguise the signs of aging in their lips– the formula’s super smooth hylauronic acid has the ability to be injected into super fine lip lines, crevices, and areas that need the gentlest amount of plumping to restore a youthful look. The product isn’t about that super fake Hollywood look, it’s a cornerstone in making faces look subtly youthful in a way that’s generally undetectable to the naked eye.

In other words, your lover will likely never know. They won’t be able to see anything that doesn’t look authentic or within the realm of nature, and they certainly won’t be able to feel it thanks to the water-like consistency. How many other cosmetic treatments or augmentations can boast the same? If you got breast implants, your lover would surely notice. Forehead injections to stop the creases? Well, those are somewhat easy to pick up on, too. But Restylane Silk for lips is so under the normal radar that it’s basically an act of the KGB for beauty (I’m kidding, obviously, but you get the point– I didn’t meet or see any Russian spies in the making of this).

Alanna after trying Restylane Silk injections

Obviously all this appealed to me in a pretty big way. I’m nearly 31, have had 3 kids, and so many sleepless nights from birthing and raising my little monkeys that I think my lips just sort of deflated one day after the last one in an act of defiance. Like, ‘hey Bryce, we helped you eat through three pregnancies and now we deserve a vacation… see you later, we’re outta here.’ That’s how I imagine it, anyway. I recently headed into Dr. Ellen Marmur in NYC, who by the way, if you’re looking for a top derm in New York, is basically the best of the best. She 4 kids of her own and looks like a fresh-out-of-the-womb bikini model, and in a natural way, which is a pretty good sign if you ask me.

I headed into Dr. Marmur with the intention of not plumping my entire lip area– I felt like at 30 my lips were still somewhat OK, but that they had lost their definition, especially in the cupid’s bow area. When I sat in her chair she agreed with me. We looked at photos of myself taken in her office and a photo of myself from between babies one and two. While my lips were similar in size and shape, the defining line that runs along the perimeter of my upper lip had started to fade. I should’ve noticed earlier because in my early 20s I simply didn’t own lip liner. It wasn’t necessary. But now, at 30, I have a collection of lipliners to coordinate with my vast lipstick collection. Not because I want to own more makeup (although that’s fun, too), but because my lips have simply needed the definition when I’ve chosen to wear a bright lip color.

This is me about 1 week after trying the treatment. Same size lips, just better definition.

The doctor numbed my face for a few minutes with Lidocaine, and then let me look into a mirror at the sites where she planned to inject just a tiny amount. Although the injections were not for making my lips look noticeably bigger, adding just the right amount of definition to the cupid’s bow area of my mouth would create a much more youthful appearance. The results were perfect. Not a single person noticed my lips were in any way different, but, just about every person I know (husband included) has remarked that I either look more rested, less tired, or my personal favorite ‘you did your makeup really nicely today.’

Nobody can quite figure out exactly what it is that’s improved, but, something significant is there.

For more info on Dr. Marmur (she also does a variety of other dermatology things that will make your skin look like it hit the next level of happiness), go here. For more info on Restylane Silk for lips, etc go here.

**I did receive a free treatment prior to this post. 


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