Ridiculous Products Available on Groupon Now

crazy products on groupon
Written by Gary

Silly products on Groupon.

These silly products are actually available for purchase on Groupon.

crazy products on groupon

Skirted leggings, because leggings weren’t bad enough before.

There are a lot of stupid products out there on the internet, and a lot of stupid people out there who are willing to spend their hard earned money on things that never should have made it out of the development phase. Of course, our favorite thing to do is make fun of things we find on the internet, so here are five products that are actually available on Groupon right now, if you feel like throwing some money away.

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crazy products on groupon

Instant eye shadow, which is basically like press-on nails for your eyelids.

crazy products on groupon

A hair catching cape, because sweeping is so fucking exhausting.

crazy products on groupon

An anti-snoring jaw strap, which is kind of ironic because if you are willing to wear this, you probably aren’t getting laid, which means it doesn’t really matter if you snore or not.

crazy products on groupon

A wine bottle umbrella, for all the alcoholic soccer moms who just had their hair shellacked.

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