My Secret Wardrobe Warrior: Hanes

Written by Bryce


I’m a total sucker for artsy, handmade skirts, linen jackets, and fancy shmance shoes– but when it comes to pulling my entire look together with basic tees, tanks, and underpinnings Hanes is my go to. For years I’ve been tucking loose white Hanes tees into chic little Dior skirts for a few reasons:

1. T-shirts are always, always chic. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong.

2. Hanes tees are so affordable you can justify more shoe purchases (that’s how I see it anyway).

The Hanes collection is stretching far beyond my white tee obsession though, and I had a chance to pop by the recent #HanesOffDutyStyle event in New York recently to check out the new launches. I came home with a bag FULL (I mean seriously chock full) of the newest items because they were so cute I couldn’t stop pre-planning my future outfits. So here’s what I’m loving and calling TOTAL must haves for Summer and Fall 2015:

1. Hanes Bralets. They come in a ton of super cute bright colors and layer flawlessy under loose, flowy tops for summer or lace, sheer, or mesh fabrics for Fall. I’ve already worn the bright blue version twice: once under a flowy, nude tank that had especially open arm holes, and the second time under a sheer black buttondown.

2. Hanes Tanks. Can you really ever go wrong? No. I had about 8 bajillion of these and my collection is ever-growing. I wear them under shirts, or with jeans and a statement necklace. They’re almost always right for casual ensembles.

3. Hanes High Rise Shaping Underwear. Summer is my time to wear skirts at least 5-6 days a week, which makes it infinitely easier to wear shapewear. Except it’s hot, and shapewear is infinitely hotter than whatever the external temperature is, so you need to be wise about the way you use it. Hanes just launched high rise briefs that have just a gentle amount of shaping ability to keep things tucked away nicely and not let everyone see the “oh-you-had-the-buffet-lunch” look. Also, they’re so much easier than most shapewear because you just throw them in the regular laundry. Amazing.

There was a side benefit from attending the Hanes Off Duty Style event, too. I learned the fine, glorious art of dipping fruit popsicles directly into Prosecco (champagne works, too)! All the glory, I swear. There is nothing more this girl needs than a chic outfit and a popsicle in Prosecco.



This post was sponsored but I really do wear and love Hanes products nearly every day of my life.

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