How to Have Sex on a Plane Without Getting Caught

This video shows you how to join the mile high club without getting busted.


Truthfully, I have never really wanted to have sex on a plane. There have definitely been more than a few guys I definitely wanted to fuck on a plane, but the idea of getting it on while old ladies and young children wait patiently outside to void their bowels sort of kills the mood for me. I will admit I have done some light petting and random grasping when traveling with boyfriends of the past, but we have never gotten into any full-on penetration, or even oral.

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I can totally understand why having sex on a plane does appeal to people however, (although all of these people are undoubtedly skinny), so in case someone out there needs explicit instructions, I present to you, this video.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the guy in the video is one of the ones I would definitely have sex with, on a plane, or a boat, in a moat, with a goat.

First I would have to open the emergency doors and get rid of his girlfriend, though. I am thinking maybe I should make an instructional video about that.

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