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Sex & The Splurge

Written by Ashley

Statement Necklace Heaven

Sara Necklace in Pearl and Citrine

Samantha House Jewelry is shockingly help me feel better about wanting to spend boat loads of money to get that Sex & the City style I kind of don’t want to admit I crave.  Whatevs, I’m out and I’m proud. My name is Ashley, and I love Carrie Bradshaw’s neck accessory collection.

This white Halston frock that had all the world in an upheaval was paired in this summer’s Sex & the City 2, oh so delicately with a BAUBLE and a-half. Unfortunately, I’m not in the market to be shelling out thousands.  But hundreds, on a statement piece? I’d give it a whirl.

Samantha House’s Yacht Rock Necklace in Navy $235 available at


And fance up a sundress with a classic Pearl & Citrine collab-o. $250 available at


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