Sexy Swine, Flu Free

Written by Bryce
Photo: Jeff Morris

Photo: Jeff Morris

It’s been a rough week… with the outbreak of a Swine Flu epidemic on an international scale, I think it’s important to highlight some positive pigs.  Sure, I’m a Jew, and sure, eating this pig isn’t my thing… but on a romantic level, I can appreciate him.  I love a man with chest hair.  I’m really not sure if this post should be categorized in health, sex & relationships, or entertainment.

According to the UK’s Telegraph, “The Austrian Mangalitza gilt attracted fascinated onlookers when it
was taken to market at Gisburn Auction Mart in Lancashire, by builder
George Jackson.

Only a handful the curly-coated pigs are known to thrive in the UK, after being imported from the continent three years ago.

Mr Jackson, from Kirby Stephen, in the Eden Valley, said: ‘I just
got them because they were so interesting to look at. I did have three
originally but I’ve sold two of them already.

‘They seem to generate interest and people always stop and stare at them. They certainly are unusual.’

nephew Frank Greenwood said: ‘They are a very hardy pig and come in
three different breeds, blonde, red and swallow-bellied, which is black
with a white belly.

…normally I’m not into blondes, but you read the facts.  These hairy little creatures are hardy, hairy, and unusual.  All my favorite qualities in a man.

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