Shop for a Cause this Holiday Season!

Written by Lana

This holiday season before you go and spend your money on that $10 block of fruitcake at the pharmacy, ask yourself two things:

A. Do you REALLY think the person you are getting that fruitcake for is REALLY going to want it?


B. Does a certain portion of the sale of that fruitcake go to any sort of a foundation? (I’m guessing no.)

With those points made, do your part and make a difference this holiday season. Put down the fruitcake (what is that stuff anyways?! really) and buy some of these products to help support different foundations, and make your friend happy with a great gift, and not tighter pants. Yay for Holiday cheer!

Here’s my list of great gifts that give back to many different charities:

1. Philosophy “Good Energy” high foaming bath and shower gel- The great folks over at Philosophy get me every time. They were with me when I did my coverage on great gifts in support of breast cancer awareness, and now they are with me again to help send 100% of all proceeds of the sale of this great wash to The Young Womens Leadership Network. Buy for your girlfriend to not only keep her smelling fresh and clean, but to also to help support other women! Thumbs up to you, Philosophy!

2. Mission Skincare Super C Lip Balm: Because who wants to be walking around with chapped lips this winter? I know I don’t. We all know how painful it can be, so combat it this winter by purchasing this lipbalm at any local GNC or simply add it to your bag when buying your daily vitamins at GNC.com . One dollar of each sale will be donated to the St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So keep the kids in mind next time you go to buy your necessities. One dollar may not sound like much, but it really adds up over millions and millions of people.

Share the joy of giving this holiday season with not only your friends, but also with people in need. The Holidays are a time to come together to not only support our friends and family, but to also support each other as a whole!

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