This Shopbop Discount Code Works on Hatch Maternity, too.

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The newest Shopbop discount code even works on maternity faves like Hatch. You’re welcome.

We all wait for those ever-lovely Shopbop discount code releases a couple times a year with baited breath. But did you know the latest code also works on posh maternity lusts like Hatch, Rosie Pope, DL1961, and a bunch of others you’d normally be happy to pay full price for? It does, and you and your bump (or potential bump) can finally rejoice and grab endless overpriced green smoothies with all the cashola you’ll save.

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In the meantime, enjoy a sampling of some of our maternity wear faves you can buy with the Shopbop discount code:

These DL1961 Maternity Jeans, because a discount code makes them even more flattering than usual.

A total wardrobe staple, and when you’re pregnant, you can get away with denim at the office.

DL1961 Maternity Jeans


This Hatch Maternity dress, because it’s cute no matter how pregnant, unpregnant, or nursing you currently are.

Hi, this screams sensible office holiday party, doesn’t it? Or date night? Or both? Just live in it.

Hatch Maternity Dress

This easily layered navy dress because it’s good with tights for cold days or not when you’re desperately overheated.

Seriously, just imagine yourself with a furry vest, some cutesy boots, and the desire for a decaf.

monrow maternity v neck dress

Use code: “MAINEVENT16”

The Shopbop sale starts Wednesday, October 12th at 7am Eastern Time and goes till Midnight on Friday, October 14th Pacific Time.

All details on the Shopbop discount code promo can be found here.

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