Shower With A Goat

Written by Linda

I bet that got your attention!  But hey this is categorized as beauty, so think about it.  You probably already know how good goat milk is for your body, right?   Well I just found out how amazing goat milk products can be for your skin!

Chivas Goat

I was recently given the Chivas Skin Care Starter Kit it’s a like a mini-spa retreat in a box! But unlike costly, time-consuming spa treatments with Chivas Skin Care products you can give yourself a quick, affordable indulgence each morning in the shower. The kit contains one Original Soap, one Sweet Nothings Crème, one Original Lip Balm and one Sweet Nothings Bath Salt Sachet.

Bet when you think of goats heavenly scents are not the first thing that come to mind.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised when just opening the starter kit box is actually your first treat.  In fact, the soap smells so soothing I almost didn’t want to start using it!  Almost.  The scent of the original soap is peppermint citrus and the blended all-natural fragrance is surprisingly uplifting and relaxing at the same time.  Truly a scent you’d think of as only available at a spa.

The soap feels wonderfully luxurious.  It’s incredibly smooth and moisturizing without being at all greasy.  The facial crème is another scrumptious blend of goat milk and eleven essential oils. The lip balm not only feels delicious on your lips, but is also made with peppermint essential oil and gives you a quick aromatherapy pop throughout your day.  If you have a little more time to indulge your senses the bath salts satchel is definitely the way to do it.

I learned from the Chivas website that Goat milk is nourishing because it has more vital vitamins and triglycerides (fats) than either cow’s milk or water. It is packed with vitamins A, B, C & D as well as protein, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Great for mal-nourished skin!

Goat milk is gentle because it has a pH level that is closest to that of our skin. It contains Caprylic Acid, which maintains this low alkalinity. Great for sensitive skin!

Goat milk is moisturizing because its short-strand protein structure allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin. Great for dry skin!

Goat milk is often recommended by dermatologists to patients who suffer from dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

The company was founded by an entrepreneurial mom and daughter team in California and the products are made with high quality, natural and almost all organic ingredients.

Checkout the website for many other great goat milk skin care products.  This will be the first place I’ll be shopping for Christmas.  And the first person I’m probably going to buy something for is me!

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