Showing a little skin…

Written by Linda

      Showing a little skin is probably the most fun about summer fashions.  Though last summer as I was sitting at the Roosevelt Hotel Bar, tugging on my very cute and equally economical strapless dress from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line, I encountered the one obstacle to selective skin showing: keeping the parts available for “private viewing only” private. 

      I was sitting at the bar in the hotel because while the charity I’m involved with does spectacular things for children, it throws horrifically boring parties.  I escaped the boredom of the ballroom and was watching the game, enjoying a cocktail and some good conversation with a young lady next to me while adjusting and readjusting the top of my dress. 

      Can’t remember exactly what we were chatting about, but she changed the subject, looked pointedly at my chest and said, “You know, I have something for that.”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Which my blank stared clearly indicated.  She explained, “I have tape that could keep that dress in place so you don’t have to worry about it.”

      She whipped few samples of the tape out of her bag.  I had to ask, “Do you always keep double-sided sticky-tape with you?”  Turns out she did—and with good reason—she manages the west and mid-west areas of the company “Hollywood Fashion Tape” and their motto is “Keep your clothes on!” 

      We exchanged cards.  I found out her name is Shauna Lang, and a week later Shauna sent me a package with a whole assortment of her company’s goodies!

      The package contained as many tricks as a Park Avenue plastic surgeon, sans-the cost and the pain, to help reconfigure one’s figure.  Whether you’re looking to hike them up, tape them down, maximize or minimize it was in there—as well as some neat products for your face. Looking at her website the company also has products if you’d like to change the shape of the terrain on your bottom half.

      Since discovering her company’s products, clothes I thought I couldn’t wear, I can and do, and clothes I already liked, I absolutely love.  Using a few of her tricks under my clothes has given a whole new life to much of my wardrobe—and in this recession who could ask for anything more?

      Click here to see what products Hollywood Fashion Tape has now.


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a mom, journalist, actress and gymnastics coach. She is a firm believer that life is too short for bad wine and not nearly long enough to taste all the good wine out there. Her two favorite times of day are happy hour and whenever she’s finished her run. While striving to add some IMDb credits to her name that pay decent residuals, she despises over-paying for anything. Her financial weaknesses are Justin and Star cowboy boots.

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