Sign This Petition to Prove Your iPhone Isn’t a Racist

Apple Emoji racist petition
Written by Gary

Apple’s Emoji keyboard has almost over 800 random symbols, from a grinning turd to a fricken VHS cassette. Chances are, no matter what you want to text you can find an Emoji to say your piece, unless of course what you want to say has to do with a black or Hispanic person. There are only two people of color on the list; a super-racist looking Asian guy, and what I can only assume is a cab driver, since he is wearing a turban, race notwithstanding.

Apple Emoji racist petition

Meanwhile, there are 13 different Emojis to represent white people, covering the broad spectrum from ivory to beige. Apple was one of the first companies in America to introduce full-color Emojis, and have even gone so far as to include gay symbols in their recent iOS6 upgrade, but none of those symbols represent racial minorities. Dosomething.org has introduced this petition to urge Apple to include some different race options in their next upgrade.

I plan to sign it, but I am also going to ask for penis and vagina Emojis, because that is the subject of most of my text conversations. To each his own, #amiright?

Apple Emoji racist petition

See? These people get it.

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