Japanese Bookstore Only Has One Book At a Time

one book bookstore
Written by Gary

There’s a single book bookstore in Japan that only stocks one at a time.

one book bookstore

I know I’ve been writing a lot about bookstores lately, but that’s because they are basically going to be obsolete in a few years, and I love the smell of them, so if I don’t at least do my part to remind people they exist (as more than just a place to meet educated single people in the 90s), I will never be able to live with myself.

Located in the luxury district of Ginza in Tokyo, Japanese bookseller Yoshiyuki Morioka has an unusual bookstore that only sells one book at a time. He stocks multiple copies of the title, and changes it up every week.

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This may seem like a dumb idea, but one of the hardest things about reading is deciding what to read. Especially with Amazon, there are millions of titles out there, so Morioka’s idea is actually kind of genius because it takes away the burden of choice. His store also acts as an exhibition for the book and it’s world, and in the past he has decorated his store with themes and subjects from the book. He also asks his authors to be at the store as much as possible to meet potential customers.

If you think about it, this idea is actually a pretty great one. I’m kind of jelly that I didn’t think of it. I, unfortunately, do think bookstores will eventually die out just like dinosaurs (space comets and starvation), it’s nice to see that some people out there are rethinking ways to keep them relevant.

If you happen to visit the single book bookstore in Japan, please tweet your evidence at @luxuryspot and we’ll share it.

one book bookstore one book bookstore

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