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Star Wars French Bulldog Helps You Start 2016 Right

Written by Bryce

There’s a Star Wars French Bulldog traipsing around New Jersey.

star wars french bulldog

What happens when a new bride wants to impress her freshly minted husband during the holiday season without breaking the bank? You get their dog dressed up as just about every major character in his favorite film series of all time: Star Wars.

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“I didn’t even know that my husband liked Star Wars until about three years into our relationship – he said he was nervous that if you told me how much of a fan he was that if I wasn’t, it may compromise the future of our relationship,” Jennifer Casson Tripucka, a Hoboken, NJ magazine editor, told me as she showed off photos of Pierre, her French bulldog. “We were sitting at dinner and I randomly mentioned how I loved it when I was little, and he almost fell off his chair. Needless to say, since then, he’s opened up to me about how he had a Chewbacca life-size cutout in his room and was in a Star Wars fan club so… You know. He’s a fan.”

This Star Wars French bulldog is about to beam up to internet fame, too, because, “He literally would do anything for a treat (which includes dressing as Princess Leia).Since he was little I realized that just keeping a bag of treats out while I’m trying to do a photo shoot with him made him the ideal bulldog model.”

Sounds like our Star Wars French bulldog, Pierre, is on the same emotional level as me, because I’m < ¬†> this close to making one of those ‘have cake will work’ signs for my desk.

While most of Pierre’s costumes were ordered brand stinkin’ new off the interwebs, “One in particular was actually my friends son’s christening outfit, which she surprisingly gave up quite willingly since it was for such a good cause. I mean, where could you find a better Han Solo vest than from a six-month-old’s church outfit?”

Star Wars French Bulldog

The collection of Star Wars doggy photos ended up becoming a 2016 calendar for Mr. Tripucka’s Christmas gift. “I had to give the gift to him early, before the holidays, because Star Wars was coming out December 18 and I thought it would be a appropriate to have going into a big premiere week. I think I may have one wife of the year award, but this is our first year of marriage so I’m a little stressed about setting the bar so high. “

As for any future calendars in the works, she’s considering a Kardashians calendar made entirely out of Pierre in costume, because “Pierre would make a spot on Kris Jenner.”

star wars french bulldog


star wars french bulldog



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