Six Hairstyles for Any Occasion, Modeled by Men Who Look Like Jesus

I may not know much about vaginas, but I do know a little bit about hair. For instance, I know that different events and occasions call for different hairstyles.

funny hairstyles

A favorite of Jessa, from girls. Best paired with a fake British accent and thrift store culottes.

You wouldn’t wear pigtails to a black-tie event, would you? (Exception: if that black tie event is an awards ceremony for your illustrious porn career.) A tight ballerina bun isn’t appropriate for a laid- back, weed clouded music festival, right? (Exception: if your hair is pulled back because everyone is so high you are worried someone will mistake you for a bush and try to have sex behind you.) Anyway, my point is that you should adjust your hair appropriately for different situations, and since Jesus is all-knowing, there is really nobody better to teach you. Unfortunately, Jesus is on vacation in South Beach, so you will have to settle for six guys that resemble him.

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