Skincare: La Roche-Posay Saves the Day!

Written by Ashley

Although the summer is coming to a close, I felt the burning (no pun intended) desire to spread the world of La Roche-Posay. I look like a tomato, if I roast in the sun for more than 30 seconds without some sort of sunscreen! So I decided that my skin is just too precious, and that I need to find the best of the best in sun protection for this summer’s fun!

And of course, you need to be protected while beaching during the winter travel season!
Spend your holiday’s slathered and protected in La Roche Posay

I did some research on this French company and found that the name ‘La Roche-Posay’ refers to a wee little village in France. This village has been forming ‘unique selenium-rich Thermal Spring Water’ from over 20,000 years of stable elements within flowing water, forming a complex and rare water passage. This water contains such amazing antioxidants, and has been tested to contain ‘anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties’ which one could use a lot of, living in New York City! All of La-Roche Posay’s products contain this water which is recognized by the world’s most accomplished and recognized dermatologists and medical authorites. Pretty cool, huh? All that from some water!
The sunscreens also contains Mexorylâ„¢ SX a new sunscreen filter, the first to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 18 years.

Anyway, this summer I did my fair share of sandy sun frolicking, and I of course did my best to keep my fair skin protected. Depending on my activities, here are the products that seemed to work best for me:

SX Daily Moisturizer ($29.50 for 1.7oz) This non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) formula was light, and helped my skin to feel smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy and icky. This was perfect for everyday! I was able to run my errands, and go to work without having to feeling as though my face was going to melt off– and I could also detour to the beach with this on, and still be protected 🙂 Perfect summer time moisturizer….and it contains SPF in the form of Mexoryl â„¢ SX!
Anthelios 40 Suncreen Cream ($29.50 for 1.7oz)
was also my choice for outdoo
r activities ( biking/beach volleyball/running etc.) This was thick and creamy without feeling the least bit slimy and greasy. As with all sunscreens, make sure to apply this after any swimming or towel drying, but it is well worth it for all the protection you get!! The La Roche-Posay website raves that this is ‘tested for children(over the age of 6 months), fragrance free’ and even ‘dermatologist and allergy tested’ Bring this to your outdoor destination, and this is suitable and NECESSARY for the whole family to use to ward off evil sun rays.

Ceralip Lipid Replenishing Cream ($13.50 for .5 fl oz.)

helped my lips feel silky smooth and flake free- even with the sun and drinks stripping my puckers of all their moisture. Apply this as often as needed, in order to treat your lips with such ingredients as beeswax and ultra moisturizing Shea butter!

** Don’t have fair skin like me? You can visit the site here where the products are categorized by skin type and purpose in order to get the company’s expert opinion!


Please ENJOY what is left of SUMMER! and start planning your skin protection for your Winter vacations with La Roche Posay 🙂


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