Words and Phrases to Ban in 2015

slang words
Written by Gary

This list of words needs to be banned from the English language starting in 2015.

slang words

Slang words come and go, it’s a fact of life. There are some words that I hate so much I cringe every time I hear them, such as epic, FAIL, and totes. There are some words I actually use myself, such as jakes (an abbreved version of J.K.), henny (an urbanized gay version of honey), and toads (the correct version of totes). There are also some words that should never have been entered into the lexicon of the English language in the first place. These words are toads horbs, and should be removed immediately, starting in 2015.

I am writing this post so early so you will have time to wean yourself off of them before the new year.

A brand new year is a fresh start for everyone, including your grammatical library. Please do the world a favor and strike these horrible words from your vocabulary.

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BAE– If you actually love someone, I think you can probably come up with a better name to call them than a one syllable abbreviation of an already mind-grating word. Isn’t your boyf worth more than one syllable?

BASIC– Only people who are afraid that they are basic actually call other people basic. To me, condescension is basic.

I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN– Actually, you CAN even. If you spent the time doing what you are saying you can’t even do, instead of saying you can’t even do it, it would be done.

OBVI– You can’t actually say the word obvi without sounding like a try-too-hardsy college freshman bookworm that finally got contacts and attended her first sorority party.

TURN UP– Between turning up, turning down for what, and turning out, I am not sure which way I am supposed to go.


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