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Written by Ashley

I’ve been skiing a couple of times in my life, enough to have owned a pair of skis back in the day.  On a couple of occasions, I even was able to get from the top of the mountain to the bottom… without falling… or making anyone else fall… or crashing into a tree… and I actually skied down! I didn’t just take the return trip back on the ski-lift (Yea, I’ve been tempted).  After that, I tried snowboarding. My ass is not a fan of snowboarding, as it was sore and begging me to drink away the pain the next day.  So, I decided to look really cool and snowboarder-y in the lodge drinking with Louie the Bartender, consuming too many Louie Specials ( Hot Whiskey & Hot Apple Cider = best wintertime drink ever).

The rest of my snowboarding trip wasn’t a total waste though-I’ve keep face fresh and glowing with Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish, and my body/lips moisturized with Japanese Skincare line Yu-Be.  People chose ONLY THIS stuff ( Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream and Yu-Be Lip Therapy to be exact) to use while climbing Mt. Everest for Christ sakes so it’s been working just fine for me in the Berkshires just fine. and the menthol scent is refreshing, but disappears within minutes. It’s medicated, vitamin enriched, soothing and makes my skin sublimely smooth.  I literally am going to stock my bathroom up with the foaming skin polish for keeping my face  & bod exfoliated, since the granules are completely gentle and my face doesn’t turn all red- yet it works? That has never happened for me before! Purchase these at or find local retailers here.

Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish - $18

Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish - $18

Oh, and I put myself on Concession Duty. AKA, I chill @ the bottom of the hill, in the lodge, with my man Louie, and when alerted, come out with delicious snacks and drinks for my vertically inclined homies. They need to keep their energy up, and their buzz strong, after all.

These delectable snacks and beverages are what I keep my Snow Bunny Concession Stand stocked with:

Lundberg Rice Chips
Lundberg Rice Chips

Available in a completely amazing variety of flavors these chips make me completely happy. My friends enjoy the Honey Dijon, Sesame & Seaweed and Fiesta Lime varieties.  And they’re healthy! Made out of brown rice, rather than potatoes, these will fill you up with good carbs, and can go well with dips for entertaining or alone for a healthy yet delicious mid-boarding energy boost.  Available at WholeFoods Market.

Jack Daniels...Glug Glug
Jack Daniels…Glug Glug

Jack Daniels, my everyday fav,  can be mixed with mostly anything.  I add it into my friends hot cider, to see if maybe they’ll get drunk enough to stop snowboarding and continue drinking with me!  It usually doesn’t work (until later in the day.  night-boarding is so high school), so I continue to drink with Louie. Available from Louie, or your local liquor store.

For my non-liquor drinking homies, or those of them who are too hungover from me making them drink Jack Daniels the night before, I recommend Ito-En teas.  They are packaged so nicely, and Rie our expert of all things amazing, LOVES THEM!

Rie <3's Ito-En Tea's Tea
Rie <3’s Ito En

I enjoy the Tea’s Tea, which Rie is chug-a-lugging above.  Available at Whole Foods Market, and many deli’s and corner stores around the U.S., they are usually right beside Ito-En’s Tea Shots. My boo’s love the Sencha Shot (it’s packed with anti-oxidants, and keeps your energy up for a full day on the slopes):

Ito-En Sencha Shot
Ito-En Sencha Shot

Also a delish healthy snackage option: popchips.  They are light and fluffy version of potato chips, except neither fried, or baked.  22 chips per serving ( compared to a measly 11 with Lay’s)  popchips offer LESS THAN half the fat, half the calories, and literally twice the taste???!?!  Amazing- I’m serious people. It’s insane how delicious these are!!!

These are available at  any corner store that has an owner with a brain including Safeway, Whole Foods Market, Vons, QFC, Ralphs and select Costco Warehouses.  Nationally popchips are available at Jamba Juice and select Target locations and popchips will be popping into more East Coast locations in 2009.  To find a store near you, check our store locator at  And if you don’t want to get up off the couch, you can order online at are delicous. Did I already say that?

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