Solo Per Due: The World’s Smallest Restaurant Only Seats Two People

Solo Per Due, Italy
Written by Gary

Do you crave a dining experience that is incredibly personal, away from the noise of other diners, where you are waited on impeccably by your server and won’t get in trouble for a little under-the-table hand-job action because there is nobody around to snitch on you? If so, you might consider hopping over to Italy to dine at Solo Per Due, whose name literally translates to just for two.I always thought restaurants in the city were tiny, but Solo Per Due in Vacone, Italy, takes the proverbial cake, as it only has one table, with two seats.

Solo Per Due, Italy

The restaurant has a bunch of sexy little quirks like a candlelit driveway, a personal greeting by owner Remi Di Claudio, and a waiter that you can summon by ringing a silver bell like a chambermaid in the Middle Ages. The kicker is that you have to email well in advance to reserve a seat, and the restaurant has a set price of 250 Euro per person, excluding bevvies like wine and champagne.

Still, if you have a few hundies to throw around and really want to impress your date with some exclusivity action, Solo Per Due promises a culinary experience like no other.

Solo Per Due, Italy

Solo Per Due, Italy

Solo Per Due, Italy

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