Stick It To The Man

Written by Steph

Looking for a economic way to spruce up your pad?

So was I. My apartment’s previous tenant had a thing for painting the walls Easter-egg colors (sea-foam green, anyone?). This was a situation that needed to be remedied, stat.

My roomie and I decided on a cheap, quick way to spice up our abode: Nouvelles Images Home Stickers. For only $30, Nouvelles Images offer up a ton of cute and classy decals for your home.


Our Wall Art of Choice; Cutlery

Nouvelles Images has plenty of options– from contemporary art to pop art. You can also decorate for the season, for a holiday, or for a difficult child who changes their interests with the weather. When you’re ready to try something new (or move out), the stickers are easily removed from the wall without leaving a mark behind.

Japan Cherrytree

Japan Cherrytree

For more inspired designs, visit Nouvelles Images!

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