Style Spotting: Couture Dresses Made From Magnets!

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Our attraction to these haute couture magnetic dresses is undeniable!

Blame the magnets, but we just couldn’t help but be attracted to these intricate dresses! The brainchild of  fashion designer Iris van Herpen (who’s worked with Lady Gaga) and product designer Jolan Van Der Wiel, the dresses are inspired by nature, and yes, in fact brought to life thanks to the power of magnets. “I was interested in making invisible forces visible,” explains Van Der Wiel of the collaboration. To create the garments, the two had to add a combination of resin and iron fillings to the fabric. They then used magnets to pull and shape the pieces into something that looked like a strange haute couture science project. While kind of creepy up close, the texture of each garment is truly a work of art.

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