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Style Spotting: French Lingerie is Tres Tres Chic

Written by Tanner

If you’re les tired of boring undergarments, check out these tres, tres sexy French Lingerie brands!

Victoria, hate to break it to you, but the secret is out: the French make the sexiest lingerie in the world. Not only do the Frenchies have superlative taste in design, but their craftsmanship and materials are trop bon! So ladies, if you really want to heat things up on a cold winter night, ditch your old girlfriends Victoria, Aerie, and Gilly, and let me introduce to you your future French bff’s, La Vérité and Pull-In. Both lingerie brands offer an array of sheer, lacey, strappy, seductive undergarments sure to tickle your monsieur’s fancies. And single ladies don’t feel left out – embrace the French philosophy that if you feel pretty on the inside (i.e. under your clothes) you will project beauty on the outside!

From left to right: 1. Pull-In Liberation set, 2. Pull-In Isa Bordoli set, 3. & 4. La Vérité 2012 collection

(Are you gaga for these hot styles? So is Lady Gaga, who was recently spotted shopping at La Vérité’s newly opened flagship store on the UES in Manhattan!)

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