Swoon & Win: Brooklyn Arts Golden Leaf Earrings

Written by Ashley

WIN IT: Swoon-worthy Golden Leaf Earrings by Brooklyn Arts

“Born and raised in Italy, I studied classical and Jazz guitar and fine art in Sicily, with music, antique collecting and metalsmithing being my main passions and obsessions that shape my world.  My move to NY is a way to stimulate and expand a new and exciting way to express my passion and desire to create beautiful, original works of art.  With an eye on the past, in the form of tribal and traditional techniques you see rich texture and styling that is still relevant today.  Women want unique, yet wearable art that sets them apart.  I am bringing that gap between modernity and vintage appeal, essentially East meets West. “

— Brooklyn Arts designer Davide Schachter

Are you swooning? I sure am, Under the Tuscan Sun style. Upon laying my peepers on the collections, I was immediately inspired by the well-crafted,  timeless pieces that seem to have the ability suit any occasion with ease. Calling the line “reinvented vintage” and hand made, Brooklyn Arts is exactly what we thought of when we asked ourselves… “What can we give away to repay our loyal readers?!”  3 winners will get a little handmade luxury to wear and cherish.

WIN IT: Eyelet Carved Golden Leaf Feather Light Earring: $23 Classic and elegant drop earrings perfectly versatile and flattering on any face. Feather light, feminine and easy to wear both for day and night. Made of paper thin brass, and lovingly dipped in a warm 14K Gold finish, allowing the dazzling texture and weaved design to shine through.

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY [Giveaway ends October 14, 2010 — US Residents Only] Comment below telling what foxy seemingly unattainable individual you’d like to whisk away to Tuscany for a passionate week of bliss. The juicier the better!

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  • I would normally have said Dean Morgan or go old school with Mark Shera (whatever happened to him) but if its unattainable I have to go with Angelina Jolie (the only woman I would go gay for). You know you could have given us an image of Davide Schachter to see if he is as good as his bio sounds.

  • I feel caught off-guard since I don’t have a celebri-crush at the moment…
    I was lusting after Billy Idol. (When he was in his 20’s/30’s. Since his bad accident and surgeries, I suspect he’s using human growth hormone and it’s made him look stocky.) On that note though, I wondered if it made him stocky anywhere it would count!

  • A fantasy guy that might be a bit less unseemly, Hugh Jackman! My guy is a dark haired Aussie but he hasn’t hit 30 yet…
    Hugh’s accent is stronger and isn’t my mom’s age like Billy Idol. (Ick!)
    Hugh would have to wear mutton chops like Wolverine! I’ve had a thing for him ever since I saw X-men! Imagine getting all sweaty with that manly, muscular, just right hairy-ness gentleman!
    Now THAT would be a vacation to day dream about! Lol.

  • George Clooney…I mean, he’s already over there in Italy, and it’s just a quick train ride from his Lake Como Villa to Tuscany 🙂

  • David Beckham is obviously unattainable because he’s married to Posh. I think he’s the most attractive guy on the planet right now. I’d love to play a little soccer with him in Tuscany if you know what I mean 😉

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