Tacky Couches That Will Totally Creep You Out

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Which one of these couches would freak you out the most???

Isn’t it always super awk when you go over to a friend’s house for the first time only to discover that they have the weirdest taste in furniture ever? I’m talking tacky tiger couches and seriously scary sofas that look like they were made out of real human blood and guts. You can’t stop staring, and you want to say something, but you also don’t want to hurt any feelings. Here are a few couches I’d legit be so creeped out by though if I ever saw them in anyone’s actual home that I’d probably high tail it out of there ASAP! Which one would freak you out the most???

1. The eye of the tiger couch complete with an authentic tiger head armrest. Because this is where the tacky couches list starts.

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2. The human organ couch with a faux person’s insides bursting out

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 3. The Nic Cage couch, perfect for the two Nic Cage obsessed fans out there

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