Take a Vintage Subway Ride for the Holidays

vintage subway rides
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The MTA is releasing vintage subway cars to celebrate the holidays.

vintage subway rides

Anyone who rides the subway regularly knows that ‘vintage’ is kind of a relative term. Some of the trains (specifically the ones with that horrible wood paneling from the 70s and orange seats that hurt like a mother when you bump them with your shin) already seem kind of vintage. Never one to disappoint however (that was sarcasm), the MTA is releasing a fleet of even older vintage subway cards for holiday-crazed New Yorkers.

For four consecutive Sundays in December, customers can catch the ‘shopper’s special’ train, made up of eight cars from the 1930s that ran in New York until the late 1970s.

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The cars were the first to be identified by their contract numbers, and have rattan seats, ceiling fans, incandescent light bulbs, and roll-signs for passengers.

MTA NYC Transit is also putting a fleet of vintage buses on the M42 route for weekday daytime service between November 30 and December 18. The buses, which will operate between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., will only be available weather permitting. The vintage fleet will not operate in rainy, snowy or icy conditions, sort of like the regular modern day buses of NYC.

So if you feel like a romantic subway ride to the past this season, hop on the ‘shoppers special’ train. Maybe it will make you less angry about all the fare hikes in the past few years.

The Vintage train runs every Sunday,
December 6, 13, 20, and 27, 10 AM to 5 PM

Customers using the 6 Avenue line between the Queens Plaza and 2 Av stations have a treat in store. MTA New York City Transit’s “Nostalgia ShoppersSpecial Train” is running again!

You can catch a ride on these classic R1/9 subway cars at stations along the weekday M line icon line between Queens Plaza and 2 Av. You can board the train at these stations:

Queens Plaza • 34 St Herald Sq
• 23 St-Ely Av • 23 St (6 Av)
• Lexington Av/53 St • 14 St (6 Av)
• 5 Av/53 St • W 4 St Wash Sq
• 47-50 Sts/Rockefeller Center • B’way-Lafayette St
•42 St Bryant Park 2 Av (F line icon line)


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