Man Rents Out His Car on Airbnb

Tesla hotel
Written by Gary

A Pheonix man rents out an air mattress in his Tesla on Airbnb.

Tesla hotel

I have slept in cars on many occasions. I have also had sex in many cars, on many occasions. I have never paid to sleep in a car, though. That is just one step too far. Because car Airbnb was the next natural step in society’s gradual move to offer every single thing for rent.

Steve Sasman, a Tesla-owning Phoenix resident doesn’t agree however, and is renting out an air mattress in the back of his Tesla to visiting tourists. He calls it the “World’s First Tesla Hotel”, mostly to distract people from realizing they are sleeping in someone’s garage.

The Airbnb arrangement offers an air mattress in the car, complete with two battery-powered candles to help set the ambience. The only real stipulation to this arrangement is that you have to be awake by 8 so Sasman can get to work, but you are welcome to hang out in his condo and sleep in on the couch.

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I don’t know much about much, but I do know that you can get an entire hotel room for cheaper than $85 (if you don’t mind stained sheets), so I don’t think I would ever pay to sleep in a fucking hatchback. To each his own though, right?

Tesla hotel

Tesla hotel

Tesla hotel

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