The 10 Worst Eyebrows Ever On the Internet

I have been plucking my eyebrows since I was a teenager. Granted, I am not really known for having bushels of Asian fiber yaki growing from my face, but I do believe its important to maintain a decent eyebrow shape if you want to exist and thrive in society.

worst eyebrows ever

I am even all for eyebrow trends, such as that bleaching shit Lara Stone, Miley Cyrus and everyone on Top Model gravitate towards. No matter how much leeway I give though, there is nothing worse than a pair of drawn-on sharpie brows. To reiterate this point, I have tracked down the 10 worst eyebrows on the Internet. If your brows even remotely resemble any of these photos, please cut some harsh bangs into the side of your head immediately, and give those brows some time to breathe and regenerate.

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  • I can’t believe You forgot the smiling unibrow Turkish guy! He’s hilarious!
    And just look through Twitter to find many much worse cases of eyebrows, trust me…

  • Some of those eyebrows just look flat out and out stupid. I think if you are going to do your eyebrows in such a weird way, then it’s best to pair it with foundation. It will look 10 times better, even if they are F- up.

  • Lourdes has beautiful eyebrows! They’re no where near as bad as whatever the others were thinking (why the dots?!). Heck, even the bushy eyebrows and ‘stach guy looks normal enough.

    Some of these must be costumes or jokes, surely no-one seriously thinks the drawn on sharpie line look is a good one.

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