The Cat Scan

Written by Deisy

A cat could possibly be the chicest animal to have as a pet. They love to wear wigs, drink wine and wear tights; what’s not to love?

Right when I thought cats couldn’t get any cooler, I found The Cat Scan. It’s a tumblr where they post pictures of kittens sitting on scanners!!! I’m a little too excited about this but how cool and original is that? I mean, this makes dressing up your cat so 2013…

Awwww. This makes eating look cute.

I don’t even know what the top of this cat looks like but I know he has what it takes to be supermodel.

Best friends 4 ever.

After going through all 34 pages of cat scans on their tumblr, I kind of want a cat and a scanner. New year, new obsession? I wonder how my dog would feel about a catty new brother.

Images via The Cat Scan.

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