The Four Bridesmaid Dresses of the Apocalypse

ugly bridesmaid dresses
Written by Gary

Gay marriage is now federally recognized, and as a result I have been thinking a lot about it. I haven’t exactly found a guy to marry yet, but I am originally from Florida, so when I do I am going to require a wedding as garish and tacky as a New Jersey housewife (as everyone knows, North Florida is the New Jersey of the South). The best thing about a gay wedding is the bridesmaid dresses. Since there is no actual bride, the dresses are allowed to be as fabulous as possible. Sequins? Check. Ruffles? Fuck Yeah. Animal print? Animal print?

Okay, we have to draw the line somewhere.

ugly bridesmaid dresses

Theresa Guidice’s daughter in about 4 years.

In the spirit of this, I decided to scour the Internet to find the 4 most horrible dresses in existence, which I have named the four bridesmaid dresses of the apocalypse. You see a lot of hideous bridesmaid dress posts on the internet, but they are generally from the 80’s (the zenith of high fashion and high hair, as we all know). The difference with this post is that all these dresses are actually available right now.

ugly bridesmaid dresses

A fabulous animal print gown in LuxurySpot pink.

ugly bridesmaid dresses

Turd. That is all.

ugly bridesmaid dresses

We need to burn down whatever chocolate factory this monstrosity crawled out of.

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