The Littledales, The World’s Smallest Male Revue

Written by Gary

Little person exotic dancers.

Meet The Littledales, the world’s first all-male revue featuring dwarf strippers (yes, dwarf means ‘little people’).


Created by Centerfold Features, Littledales is the first-of-its-kind male dance revue made up of dwarf strippers. Their show features 4-5 strippers and an emcee, and includes some mingling time after the show, for any ladies that want some one-on-one time with the dancers.

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According to Centerfold Features, ‘little people’ exotic dancers are the fastest growing segment of the adult entertainment industry market, and the Littledales are available for nightclub promos, fund-raisers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, corporate events, and birthday parties.

A recent press release for The Littledales (and yes, obviously they have a PR team) shares:

“The diminutive dancers perform a choreographed high energy exotic dance routine in their fun stripper costumes. The show features four – five midget strippers and an emcee. The venue provides the disc jockey, lighting, promotions, and staging. Littledales ™ can even arrange for your bachelorette or birthday girl to get brought up on stage to participate in the fun.  After the show, the dwarf strippers are available to mingle with the guests and sign autographs and take photos. Midget strippers, or to be politically correct “little people” exotic dancers are the fastest growing segment of the adult entertainment industry market.”

I have no idea why it’s okay for them to use the words ‘midget strippers’ in a press release about The Littledales, but I’ll let any of our little people readers go to town on that in the comments section. Anyway, if you are the kind of girl who wants an unforgettable bachelorette party, or a maid of honor that wants to truly surprise her best friend, maybe the Littledales are exactly what the stripper ordered.

“Bigger isn’t always better,” said the guy checking your shampoo bottles at TSA.

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