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The New Haven 48-Hour Guide

Day & Night

This is where you really start to experience the whole Yale collegiate vibe. As for me, I love to walk around a city and experience whatever it has to offer. Make sure you walk towards Yale and walk through their campus. Most of the campus is open the public and you’re free to walk around and see all the beautiful architecture. While you can book a tour for the campus, I think it’s more fun to do these things alone or with friends. Coming from a city, you kind of forget to look up, make sure you don’t forget as you’re walking through the courtyards.

While in the summer, the town isn’t usually bustling with Yale kids which has both downsides and upsides. While Yale boys are fun, it’s nice to hangout with some of the locals and really see what they get up. Head on over to Cask Republic and try some of there many beers! They have a huge selection, including some beers that you won’t find anywhere else in town. Grab an aged drink at ordinary (pictured below), which used to be the private men’s club when the Taft Hotel was open.


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