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The New Haven 48-Hour Guide

If you need a weekend away, New Haven provides culture, food, and good times.

When it comes to escaping the hustle and bustle of New York City, there’s not always that many options within a tight budget. You can run away to New Jersey as I so often do, or crash at a friend’s Hampton’s House, but no one really ever talks about escaping to New Haven, CT. This past weekend, I hopped on MetroNorth and experienced everything New Haven had to offer and did it all in 48-hours. We’ve rounded up everything from where to kick off your morning to where to end your night.

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If you’re going to be experiencing a city as rich in culture as New Haven, you’re going to need a good meal. I definitely recommend having breakfast at John Davenport’s on top of the Omni Hotel. The view in the morning is quite amazing (pictured above). The menu has quite a few options including a huge buffet and a gluten free buffet for anyone with allergies or on a special diet.

If you don’t want to experience the same place twice, I also recommend heading around the corner from the Omni to Claire’s Corner Copia. The restaurant is completely vegan and offers a family friendly atmosphere. I’d say it’s more like having breakfast in your own home (but with strangers). What else is great? They have free wi-fi, which is ideal if you still need to get some work done on the trip. Best item on the menu? The Lithuanian Coffee Cake, it’s delicious. I even took a few pieces to munch on when I was on my way back.

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