The Non-Surgical Approach to Taking 10 Years Off Your Face

Written by Bryce

Easy and effective… without knives. PHEW.

It’s summer. That means way more of us will be paring down to skimpier clothing, shorter dresses, lighter fabrics and generally baring all. For those of us beyond 19 years old, age is definitely a deciding factor in our confidence during the summer months. I asked Dr. Romita, my fave NYC plastic surgeon, for a list of relatively affordable tips and tricks to shave years off our looks without going under the knife.

According to Dr. Romita, if you’ve got a couple days and only a couple hundred bucks, The Jessners Peel is the way to go to freshen your face, help rebuild collagen, and help tame fine lines and wrinkles… and the whole process takes about 15 minutes. Consider it lunchtime recovery! Within 3-5 days you’ll notice more radiant skin, but glowing skin-addicts opt for this quickie once a month or so to maintain a years-younger glow.

If you’re no coward when it comes to needles, you can turn back the clock on your face by 5-10 years in just minutes with Botox injections around the eyes to stave off the weathered look of crow’s feet. Or try a bit above the brow line to lift your brow arches for a more rested look.

Or, if you’re really brave, try an injection in your neck because the skin there is just as delicate as your face, and is often way more neglected.

The doc also adds,”if a patient is not ready for surgery but is not happy with the appearance of their skin, the texture, and elasticity then the Encore Laser is the best option for them.  The laser will remove sun damage, tighten and brighten the skin, reproduce collagen and last for up to 7 years.”  Those are some pretty serious long term results. The treatment is expensive, starting at about $3500, but will likely save you a ton of cash in peels, expensive facials, and other treatments.

For more information you can check out Dr. Romita’s site,, or call his office at (212) 772-3220

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  • True that it will save in facials, etc. but many of of us would miss the time set aside for ourselves for spa services like this. Not sure where I stand on this in the big picture, but I love my facials.

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